Rasta Hat From Jamaica Showcases the Beauty and Culture

Rastafarian hat also known as Rasta hat and Jamaican hat are tall, round, colorful, crocheted caps used for adorning dreadlocks.

Brief History of Rastafarianism

The word Rastafarians originate from Ras (Prince) Tafari. It was the title of Haile Selassie of Ethiopia before he was the emperor. Many regard him as the second incarnation of Jesus as Jah incarnate and others think of him as a prophet. They have unique beliefs, food habits, and fashion styles. The Rastafarians have dreadlocks in their hairs. For this, Rastafarian beanies are much popular with them. These fashionable caps follow the Rasta tradition of colors.

Rastafarians at a Glance

About 700,000 to 1,000,000 Rasta believers exist across the world. While their largest population is based in Jamaica small communities are present in many countries around the world. In the United States, their followers are mainly African-Americans. The ideas of Marcus Garvey, who worked for black empowerment, are the basis of the Rastafarian theology. And, it started spreading at the heels of Bob Marley and his music in the 1970s.

Rastafarian Beliefs

Rastafarians believe that God has chosen the black people. They move for their repatriation to their homeland, Africa, or their social reinstatement. Rastafarians also believe in a simple lifestyle, some abstain from meat and flesh and mostly eat fruits and vegetables. Even if they eat meat, they never take pork or shellfish.

Marijuana Culture

Rastafarians inhale marijuana as a part of their rituals for fostering spiritual awareness. They also believe that their strength lies in their hair and do not cut them. Instead, they grow it into dreadlocks that make a unique fashion statement.

Each Rastafarian Color has Meaning

Red, Green, and Gold are Rastafarian colors. Sometimes they also use black. Red stands for the blood that the black community shed and their strength. The color Green signifies land, vegetation, and the hope for the removal of suppression. And. Gold symbolizes peace and wealth. When they use black, it stands for the African color that initiated Rastafari. Rastafarian use the lion as their symbol and their dreadlocks represent the mane of the lion.

Rasta Hat and Beanies

Rastafarian beanies are fashionable. These unisex hats follow Rasta colors and traditions and have a dashing look. These go well with all attires and also help to highlight the dreadlocks perfectly. Moreover, these hats reflect the culture of Jamaica.

How to knit Rasta Hat Beanie

Rasta beanies or Rastafarian hats provide ways to confine the traditional dreadlocks of the Rastafarians. They also provide cover to the head on cold days. The slouch caps use Rasta colors and have adopted contemporary designs with time. They include funny knitted patterns making unique style statements.

Rasta hats are voluminous for accommodating the huge dreadlocks of the wearer. They are knit loose, do not fit the head tightly, and often hang loosely off the back. As such, these hats need almost nil to little shaping.

Trying crochet hat patterns is always fun. The Rasta hats are also no exception. One can easily make Rastafarian beanies hats using the following steps.

  • Measure the circumference of the head using a measuring tape at the widest point. Knit a square swatch using the yarn and the crochet needle. Also, find out the number of stitches per inch.
  • Calculate the cast to begin knitting. Multiply the number of stitches per inch of the circumference of the head. That is, if the circumference of your head is 20 inches and you need 6 stitches per inch, then you have to give 120 stitches initially.
  • Now knit the pattern. The ribbing will let the hat stay on the head. Increase the rows going around the square until you reach the desired size. Then stop increasing the rows and work in even stitches. It will help create the sides of the hat. Work on the brim once this is done. Determine how much slouch you want and knit the hat accordingly.
  • Knit cluster after clusters using Rastafarian colors. Once a cluster is complete, one can go to the next cluster using another color. It will give the hat a great look.
  • Once you reached the size, begin decreasing. Decrease alternate rows and space evenly in each round. Next, weave in the tails to complete the Rasta cap.

Top 10 Rasta Hat & Beanies 

  1. RW Classic Rasta Slinky Beanie

When looking for soft and stretchy Rastafarian beanies, RW Classic Rasta Slinky Beanie could be a great choice. Made from 100% acrylic yarns, it is extremely stretchable and comes with great Rasta color combination and stripes. As such, if you have dreadlocks, it perfectly highlights them. This one-size beanie fits anyone up to XXL size and delivers comfy protection in cold weather.

2. Mia Jewel Shop Rasta Striped Peruvian Chullo Beanie Ear Flaps Soft Knit Unisex Reggae Hat Warm Winter Cap

Mia Jewel Shop Rasta Beanie with ear flaps is handmade in Peru. These hand knitted has a combination of assorted Rasta color styles and suits the preference. Because of thick woven yarns, it delivers extra warmth and fits all.

3. Armycrew Rasta RGY Dreadlock Reggae Cotton Oversize Long Beanie Visor Cap

Armycrew Rasta RGY Dreadlock Cotton Beanie Visor Cap is made of 100% cotton. Measuring 14 inches long and 9 inches wide, it is easily stretchable. The bill is around 2 inches long and the cap ensures a comfortable fit for all head sizes up to XXL.

  1. Shoe String King SSK Rasta Knit Tam Hat Dreadlock Cap

Shoe String King Store Rasta Dreadlock Cap comes in a wide range of vibrant colors, designs, and sizes. These are made using 100% cotton and are stretchable. As such, these are perfect for keeping the dreadlocks. Both men and women can use them.  These are favorites to Rastas and non-Rastas as well.

5. Mia Jewel Shop Rastafari Striped Extra Long Slouch Tam Dreadlocks Beanie Soft Knit Unisex Hat Cap

The Mia Jewel Shop Rastafari Striped Dreadlocks Beanie Soft Knit Unisex Hat Cap is perfect when one has long dreadlocks. It comes in stripped Rasta colors and knitted thick the cap provides extra warmth. This handmade cap has an adjustable fit.

6. Techson Rasta Hat, Reggae Knit Slouchy Cap Beanie Hippie Tam with Black Dreadlocks Wig, Jamaican Style Costume

Techson Rasta Hat with Black Dreadlocks Wig makes a unique fashion statement.  This handmade hat is available with a short Dreadlock and beard making it a great accessory for school evenings, festival props, Photo sessions, etc. The beard is removable. This hat suits all head sizes that have a circumference of 20 to 24 inches.

7. RW Classic Rasta Long Dreadlock Multi Beanie

The Bob Marley Style RW Classic Rasta Long Dreadlock Multi Beanie goes well with dreadlocks. It has Rasta colors, and black appears after each Rasta color. Made from 100% Acrylic, it is soft and comfortable. Coming in one size, it fits all up to XXL.

8. Rasta Short Beanie


If you are in search of an extra-soft Rasta Beanie, RW Rasta Beanie can end your search. This simple, yet stylish, Rasta beanie comes with an impeccable design and Rasta colors flanked with black. Made from 100% Acrylic, they deliver a soft and comfortable wearing experience. Being stretchable, it fits everyone.

9.  Rasta Beanie Cap

Milani Rasta Ribbed and Slouchy Beanie Visor Cap are ideal for all seasons.  It is adorned with red, yellow, and green stripes and has a 2-inch brim for sun protection.  Made from 100% cotton, it is soft and comfortable.

10. Unisex Reversible Beanie

RW Unisex Knit Slouch Reversible Beanie combines three Rasta colors red, yellow and green. It measures 10 inches in depth and 9 inches in width and is made of 100% Acrylic. It is comfortable to wear and makes a perfect gift.

Parting words

Rastafarian beanies make a statement without uttering even a single word. Dreadlocks also originally started with religious and spiritual meaning. But they are now mainly associated with hip-hop Afro-American culture and have turned into a hairstyle. Many white Americans are also having entangled locks.

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