Slutty Mens Clothing For Male Strippers Best 11

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When it comes to male strippers, the right attire can make all the difference. Performers in this industry are constantly pushing boundaries and seeking innovative ways to captivate their audience. In this article, we will explore the top 11 slutty mens clothing for male strippers. From revealing thongs to barely-there mesh outfits, these bold male stripper clothes will enhance any performance and leave a lasting impression.

Top 11 Slutty Mens Clothing for Male Strippers

1. Leather Harness

Slutty Mens Clothing for Male Strippers Top 10

When it comes to exuding dominance and raw sexuality, a leather harness is a must-have for male strippers. This provocative piece of clothing accentuates the wearer’s physique and leaves little to the imagination. Its combination of straps and buckles adds a touch of bondage-inspired allure, making it a staple in the world of male stripping.

2. Mesh Briefs

For those who dare to bare it all, mesh briefs are the ultimate slutty mens clothing. These incredibly revealing undergarments are made of sheer material, leaving little to the imagination. With provocative cut-outs strategically placed to entice the audience, mesh briefs are guaranteed to turn up the heat during a performance.

3. Sequin Thongs

Sparkling, shimmering, and eye-catching, sequin thongs are a popular choice among male strippers. These daring undergarments not only draw attention to the wearer’s assets, but they also provide a dazzling visual spectacle for the audience. Whether performing on stage or in private, sequin thongs bring both elegance and sex appeal.

4. Open-Front Chaps

If you’re looking to add a touch of cowboy-inspired sexiness to your routine, open-front chaps are an ideal choice. These provocative bottoms feature an open front, leaving the buttocks exposed while maintaining coverage at the front. Paired with a well-fitted pair of boots, open-front chaps create a powerful visual statement that won’t be forgotten.

5. Fishnet Shirts

Fishnet shirts are a staple among male strippers due to their ability to simultaneously reveal and conceal. These skin-tight tops made of fishnet fabric provide a teasing glimpse of the wearer’s physique, highlighting their masculinity and sensuality. Fishnet shirts can be easily incorporated into a variety of themes or routines, making them a versatile choice for slutty mens clothing.

6. Jockstraps

When it comes to provocative menswear, jockstraps are a classic. These minimalistic yet highly seductive undergarments accentuate the wearer’s curves while providing support in all the right places. Jockstraps exude dominance and confidence, making them a top slutty mens clothing choice for male strippers looking to leave a lasting impression.

7. PVC Bodysuit

For male strippers who want to embrace their inner superhero, PVC bodysuits are a daring choice. These skin-tight, fetish-inspired slutty mens clothing hug every curve and sculpt the body into a mesmerizing shape. A PVC bodysuit adds an element of mystery and intrigue to a performance, making the audience eager to discover what lies beneath.

8. Feather Shrug

Feather shrugs have long been synonymous with glamour and allure. When draped around a male stripper’s body, these luxurious accessories amplify their sex appeal and create an atmosphere of sophistication. Whether used to tease or tantalize, feather shrugs are a versatile slutty mens clothing addition to any performance.

9. G-Strings with Enhancements

For male strippers who want to enhance their natural assets, G-strings with enhancements are the way to go. These daring underwear styles come with built-in padding or pouches that enhance the appearance of the wearer’s package. By emphasizing their masculinity, male strippers can achieve a more intense and captivating stage presence.

10. Mankini Suspender

Elеvatе your pеrformancе with our Mankini Suspеndеr Thong! Dеsignеd for malе strippеrs, this daring and provocativе piеcе combinеs a classic thong with suspеndеrs for a bold, confidеnt look. Craftеd for comfort and stylе, it’s thе pеrfеct accеssory to captivatе your audiеncе and lеavе a lasting imprеssion.

11. Sexy Police Costume

Sexy police costume for male stripper is the best choice for those who want to attract and entice their target audience. An exciting combination of authority and charm, this ensemble offers a form-fitting arrangement that accentuates the figure, combined with provocative factors such as strategically placed cut-outs and attention-grabbing accessories.

With a combination of sleekness and suggestive information, it’s best for growing an electrifying performance that sparks interest and leaves a lasting impact. Created for confidence and a mysterious atmosphere, this outfit guarantees an unforgettable and interesting experience and enhances the artwork of seduction in men’s striptease.


When it comes to male stripping, the right outfit can make or break a performance. The top 10 sluttiest mens clothes for male strippers listed above are designed to elicit desire, captivate the audience, and leave a lasting impression. From leather harnesses to mesh briefs, each item of clothing on this list embodies confidence, sex appeal, and a touch of fantasy. So, whether you’re a seasoned performer or just starting your career as a male stripper, experiment with these bold wardrobe choices and ignite your stage presence like never before.

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