Rave Clothing

DJ Alex Salemi is from the world famous Catania Sicily of Italy. He has been in the profession of mixing music for 15 years with his Pioneer DJ mixer crossing between club house hits to afro rave music. His focus is to make his performances dynamic and sparkly for his audience. Alex also likes to mix in tracks from the 90s to 2000s to make his sets nostalgic. He specializes in rave jingles and hosts radio shows for many businesses around Italy.

⁣⁣DJ Aleks from Switzerland, is a qualified graphic designer and music producer/DJ. She works as a freelance designer creating logo design, corporate design, template based website design, redesign and cleaning up presentations or anything else that needs a good, professional look. As a musician, she specializes in electronic rave music and Djing. She can produce electronic rave genre based track or create a dj mix at any length. She speaks English, German and Russian. This hot girl DJ has a bright music career ahead of her and we are very excited to host her here for the first time at In Vein.

Musician & DJ from Kyiv, Ukraine. Currently in Seattle, WA.

Ralph McSweeney DJ from United Kingdom

Brian Ka CEO of In Vein LLC