Women on Women Oral Sex Guide For Lesbian Sluts

As of 2022, almost 650,000 same sex couples have been reported in the US. This means just like in heterosexual couples, these couples are engaging in sexual activities and most of them have room to improve their sexual techniques to bring their intimacy even closer together with their partners. For lesbian lovers, oral sex is important as this is usually the primary method for women on women couples to please one another. This article seeks to share information on how you can maximize different methods to get your partner off while engaging in oral sex, and give you tips on how you can improve your techniques to get your girlfriend more excited.

Pussy is Not Perfect So Deal With It

Let's be honest. When you go down about to give your girlfriend the time of her dreams, you may see or smell some unpleasant things. This can be in the form of urine smell, left over tissue, toilet paper or pubes. For women who have never put your head down there, it may surprise you at first because you could have imagined something flowery and clean. Let's be realistic here. Many times, unless you are getting intimate with your partner who just took a shower, you will see imperfections. But the key is to embrace the imperfections not deviate from it. Embrace the sweat. Embrace the wetness and make your partner feel like she is perfect no matter what. This will make her so comfortable that she will be able to enjoy the experience more. Remember, for women, it's more about mental than physical. Make sure she is mentally comfortable before making her body comfortable.

Do Some Warm Up Exercises Before Engaging Your Partner

Before you engage, it is a good idea to stretch your tongues and mouth. Because your mouth muscles are not used often, you may get lock jaw or cramps when you are engaging in oral sex. Try saying Ahh and open your mouth as wide as you can and stretch your tongue as far as possible and repeat this several times. This will make sure you won't have any spasms while performing and help you to avoid sudden stops while your partner is reaching her climax. Also do some stretching exercises for your neck because your neck will be in an awkward position when you are down there.

Practice Breathing Through Your Nose Where There is No Room

When you put your head down to your partner's crotch area, and if you are doing what you are supposed to do, chances are you won't have any breathing space and you may have to gasp for air. Trick is to find a small breathing space and breathe through your nose. Since your tongue will be working hard, it will be difficult to breathe through your mouth. Another technique is learning to breathe through your mouth while performing. This requires a little bit of skill because you will have to perform oral sex in rhythm and breathe while your are using your mouth and tongue. Try practicing breathing when your partner is not present to explore how you can do this. If you go slow and steady, you can breathe while use your tongue. Try it first when you are by yourself and put it to practice with your partner. 

Focus on the Clitoris with Your Tongue Massage the Labia Softly With Your Hands and Insert Fingers into Vagina

First thing you should do is to gently kiss her clitoris. Make sure to never suck on it hard in the beginning as women need some time to warm up. Make sure to be really gentle and soft. Also work around the area around the clitoris using lots of spit if you can so it's not dry. Friction may cause pain and unpleasant experience so use spit to wet the surface. While working the clitoris with your tongue, use your hands to gently massage the outer labia. You can start very slow and rub it with up and down hand motion. Once you do this for awhile, you will start to feel cum and wetness. This is when you should insert a finger inside the vagina. If you feel that there is more room to stick another finger, you can do so all while still working on her clitoris with your tongue. This will fill up the vagina making her feel good.

When She is Climaxing Do Not Stop Push Harder Until She Cums

Worst feeling is if you get her to climax and stopping when she is about to cum. So it is important to observe her motions and when you notice that she is about to reach her climax, push even harder so she can orgasm and reach the plateau. At this stage, she may grab your hair and stick your head deeper or moan really loud which are all signs that you are doing a good job.

At this stage, she may cum. This means you will start to feel more sticky substance in your face and fluid. Some people may hide from this but that is wrong. This means that you were successful in making her happy. Some women may let a lot of fluid out while some may only let out a little. It really depends on the person. But one thing is for sure. If you are able to feel the sticky substance while she orgasms, that means you were successful and pat your self in the back.


We hope this article will help you and your partner get more intimate and bring each other even more closer to one another. Improving sexual techniques will not only bring more pleasure for your partner, but it will deepen the relationship even more. As aforementioned, vagina has imperfections. But it is the imperfections which makes women's body more beautiful and embracing those imperfections is what true love is all about. When you give love to your partner that will make her go insane, she will never be able to leave you. Even if she does, she will never be able to forget your love making which will make her think about you all the time. So practice it, study it and make it yours.  Having this knowledge and techniques will only make you rise above other women, making you the ultimate lover who is highly sought after.


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