Seduction Techniques to Make Him Fall In Love With You Again

Relationships can get dull after spending so much time together. In this case, you have to learn and come up with ways to re-spark the old flames again. Remember the early days when you just needed a touch to fire him up? You may not be that fast now, but you can certainly use the familiarity to maximize his pleasures. Try these foreplay techniques. They will give him a high he has never experienced before!  

Start the seduction way ahead

You could try making his favorite dish, dressing in a sexy dress (and underwear) and preparing a hot scented bath for him. You could be just in your underwear when you do this. He will know what's coming!  o

Try a sexy video and some sex food

When you are watching it together, touch him periodically when there are steamy scenes. Let him do the same to you. However, even if he insists, don't let him make love to you at that point. Some teasing will just spice it up! Avoid too much alcohol. When the video ends, try a strip tease for him. 

You could even remove his clothes and kiss him all over. Stroke his body and his legs, just avoid kissing his penis.

Be a Teaser

When you are in bed, use your fingers and breasts to tantalize him. You could even let him touch, but stop at that. Insist on moving away when he gets demanding.

Try a Sensual Massage

Make him lie down and then take some massage oil or lubricant. Rub the penis up and down with this. Pay attention to the shaft and the foreskin. These are especially sensitive areas. You could also try oral sex. This is something few men will say no to. 

Try Going on Top

This will put you in control and make him enjoy sex effortlessly. It will let him see you all the while you are having sex and get him more aroused.

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