Rave Gloves with Lights - We Chose Top 3 with Best Quality and Price For You

Lights and lasers at raves are not limited just to the staff and people on stage. You can actually wear the LED lights and lasers used heavily by many ravers. One of the most common, and possibly the coolest rave set of clothing is Rave Glove with Lights. These are gloves, usually made up of cloth or some kind of cottony mesh material, that have LED lights at the end of the fingertips.

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Best Rave Gloves with Lights

#1 LED Colorful Flashing Finger Lighting Gloves

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A lot of the Rave Gloves with Lights feature easy on and off switches on both gloves. A simple flick on or off will toggle it. Most of them also feature replaceable batteries which are usually a small thin lithium battery, similar to a watch battery. These batteries will give these gloves about 8 hours of constant battery power. That may seem like a short time, but if you figure the total time they will be on at a Rave, it probably comes out to something like 2-3 hours. So you would get about 4 solid Rave party uses out of the gloves before having to replace the batteries. 

#2 LED Skeleton Gloves Finger Lights

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If you are a raver, you can find a nice set of Rave Gloves with Lights for under $20. The lights at the end of the fingertips come in a variety of colors like blue, yellow, pink, orange, and green. The Gloves also feature different color modes. A lot of them feature steady on, strobe, and color phase. These modes allow the LED lights to stay on constantly, flash quickly like a strobe light, or transition from one color to another fluidly.

LED Gloves, 12 Color Flashing Finger Light Up Gloves with 4 Extra Batteries

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Batteries easily changeable and are secured inside the glove in a Velcro pouch. Choose several different colors.

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