Love Affirmations Positive Vibes - How to Attract Soulmate

If you want to bring in love and romance into your core being, you have to tune yourself with love affirmations positive vibes. Your inner conversations must power and set up brain wave patterns that give you the "feel good" effect whenever you are with the right people. Have you ever wished for the opportunity to be with somebody? The exact vibe you need can actually be attained by generating positive affirmations. 

The very thought of achieving the power to influence your soul mate must make you realize that cultivating effective and easy love affirmations is the way to go. 

Step 1: Be Specific  Keep two things in mind before you start jotting down love affirmations to attract your loved one. 

1) The nature of the person you are trying to attract. 

2) How to present yourself in a way that will attract them. 

People generate positive affirmations to attract something but never follow-up and make the necessary changes needed to attain and sustain it. This is the key to sustain a close relationship. Firstly, chart down characteristics you noted in the person you love and then ask yourself the following question: 

Can I change myself to be a person that my loved one desires to sustain a significant relationship? Answer this question carefully, as it is the basis on which love affirmations will be built upon. 

Step 2: Now Start Developing Your Affirmations 

Four things must be considered while forming positive affirmations. They have to be directly focused on yourself, current, and targeted to develop the required characteristics needed to attract the one you love. 

For instance, while searching for an ambitious and confident person, love affirmations must appear as follows: 

"I am an ambitious and confident woman, so naturally I will attract ambitious and confident men to be around me." 

"I am an assertive and confident woman, which attracts assertive and confident men." 

"Ambitious women like to be around me because I am ambitious." 

You must note that all these love affirmations have four common elements: 

1) All of them relate to the present. 

2) All of them relate to your own attributes. 

3) Characteristics you need in a woman are covered.

4) Characteristics you need to inculcate in yourself are covered. 

You may consider it artificial to have to generate feelings such as these; however, you must understand how affirmations work. Your subconscious mind is processed into believing that whatever you imagine is the ultimate truth. 

Once crystallization of these beliefs takes place, you'll begin acting in the required manner, and the same beliefs will be part of reality. The condition is realized with the help of cognitive dissonance, a psychological principle. It is the imbalance experienced by an individual whenever actions and beliefs do not match. The imbalance finally makes a person change the way they behave in order to come close to their beliefs. 

Step 3: Practice Your Positive Affirmations 

On developing positive love affirmations and noting them down, practice them verbally every morning and evening. It will set the right tune. Around 21 days are required for the momentum to build up. Positive intent will help your subconscious mind, creative imagination, and the things you believe in to come together and create harmony and the right attitude in your life, enough to attract your loved one. 

Myrna Kirk is an author and freelance writer. She writes on a range of topics such as internet marketing, dating and relationships and alternative sources of energy to name only a few. She manages and operates her own freelance writing business.  

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