Is Hemp Good For Clothing? - Benefits of Hemp Textiles

Is hemp good for clothing? First of all, hemp is sturdy, lasts long and doesn't wrinkle as much as other fabric. It maintains the coolness of linen and feels soft like cotton. If you compare hemp to cotton, hemp fibers are longer, sturdier, more absorbent, more mildew and microbe-resistant with more insulation. Moreover, hemp clothing will keep you warmer during cold season and cooler in hot season in comparison to cotton. Aside from all these great advantages, hemp is one of the most sustainable plants you will ever find. When you grow hemp organically, hemp fiber feels soft on your skin and after should you decide to throw them away, they are biodegradable. Clearly, hemp clothing will make you look good, feel good, while protecting the earth as well. 

Natural Eco-friendly Material without Harmful Pesticides

Hemp is one of the best sustainable fabric to have ever exist on our planet. Hemp plant doesn't require pesticides as it resists pest naturally. When you grow hemp in rotation, it reduces pests planting in the future. Hemp apparel doesn't need pesticides, since it grows so dense that other plants can't co-exist with it. Lastly, hemp needs little or almost no fertilizers and it gives back most of the nutrients it takes from the soil. Naturally,these advantages make growing hemp easy. To top it off, hemp plants grow between 80-120 days and resistant to various climate zones throughout the world. 

Hemp Fabric is Made Healthy to the Grower and the Globe

In creating eco-friendly, organic hemp clothing it uses processes that are healthy both to the individual and the environment. Most methods used today, however, mostly rely on chemical processes rather than mechanical processes because they save time and money. For hemp clothing to be considered organic none of the processes in creating hemp fabric should involve synthetic chemicals.

Every Hemp Apparel is Personal Because It Varies Slightly in Color 

Hemp clothing can be dyed or stay with its "natural" color, which is simply the natural beige color of the hemp fibers after processing. That's why hemp clothes with a "natural" color can vary greatly in shades. By the way, hemp fibers are more absorbent to dyes and better screen out UV rays than cotton. This means that the color of hemp clothing fades more slowly than the color of cotton.  Finally, hemp can be made into many fabrics, including linen. When mixed with cotton, linen, or silk, hemp provides a sturdier, longer lasting textile of high quality and softness. 

How to Check to See If Your Hemp Clothing is Really Organic? 

In case you want to know for sure if the hemp clothes you buy are really organic, look for an organic certification label. Because the National Organic Program standards apply to food only, you will not see a USDA Organic seal on clothes. Instead, look for the label of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). While other Eco-friendly labels for clothing and fabrics address raw materials, or chemical finishes, or labor standards, the GOTS certification is the ONLY one that addresses all of the processes. 

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