How To Properly Wear An Untucked Mens Flannel Shirt

How To Properly Wear An Untucked Mens Flannel Shirt

In this day and age, it's all about being fashionable. The more style you exhibit, the more eyes will follow you. That being said, in recent times, the trend of wearing untucked flannel shirts has grown tremendously. Most men are inclined to wear their flannel shirts untucked because it gives a combination of casual and formal look. The "tucking" is designed to give a casual look, whereas the overall appearance of the shirt reflects a more formal style. In short, it's the best of both worlds. So if you have never worn one, it's highly recommended you do so. You'll be surprised at how cool it will look. 

Wrong Way of Wearing Untucked Flannel Shirts 

One common problem when it comes to wearing flannel shirts untucked is that people fail to notice the difference between tucked and untucked shirts. They just go according to the way they feel. For example, if they feel like tucking it in, they'll do so, if not they have it untucked. And this destroys the appearance. 

One vital thing that people need to realize is that not all flannel shirts are designed to be worn untucked. One simple way of determining whether or not a shirt is ideal for untucked-wear is by checking its button-down hangs. If it's below the hips, then it would look better tucked-in. On the contrary, if it happens to be above or in hip level, then it's specifically designed for an untucked wear. In other words, the length of the shirt determines its style. 

Ideal Time to Wear Untucked Flannel Shirts 

Untucked flannel shirts (no matter how good they are), if worn at the wrong place and time, will turn out to be an absolute disaster. For example, if you wear it in your office you will end up rolling people's eyes in disapproval, rather than admiration. Therefore, it's of utmost importance to consider the place and time before wearing it this way. 

That being said, untucked shirts are ideal for college, parties, hangouts, concerts, errands, and other causal or adventurous activities. Wearing it on dark jeans, khakis, trousers and corduroys will make it look even more attractive. So next time to go out with your friends, make sure you wear it this way. 

Things You Need To Know Before Wearing Untucked Flannel Shirts 

As said earlier, the true style of untucked flannel shirts is manifested only in wearing them properly. Now what does this mean? 

Well first of all, you need to have a look at its fit. A baggy shirt dangling over your body is definitely a big "NO", because it's only going to mess up the appearance (both yours and the shirt's). That is why it's important to ensure that the flannel shirt fits you well. In case it doesn't, head to the nearest tailor and have it altered accordingly. For instance, having the shoulders, sides and sleeves of the shirt altered a bit will create a massive difference on the overall appearance. 

Secondly, avoid buying shirts with square bottoms. This is not an ideal style for untucked flannel shirts. Instead go for shirts that have a graceful curve (although not entirely) at the bottom. For a clear idea, take a couple of shirts. First wear the one with a square bottom and then the other with a curved one. In this way you'll come to know which one looks the best. 

Another important thing is checking for a variety of design patterns when buying a flannel shirt. Don't just stick to normal plaids, but explore other top quality fabrics that are designed specifically for untucked shirts. For example you can choose a plain, self-textured or an image-oriented one. There's a wide range of options available. 

Plus wearing a sports jacket or coat over the shirt will improve its style dramatically, leaving onlookers in absolute awe. In this case, keep in mind that the end of the shirt is in line with the jacket (or slightly up); otherwise it will ruin an otherwise killer combination. 

And as mentioned before, the length of the flannel shirt is crucial. It should be in proportion with your body. Generally, from front, the shirt should be ending at the middle of the zipper, revealing a small part of the pocket. And from behind, it should ideally end at the bottom of the back pocket. So keep these measurements in mind and you will have no trouble creating an eye-catching look with an untucked flannel shirt


Wearing flannel shirts untucked is indeed getting increasingly common, especially with the modern generation. It's a great way of adding style and class to your personality, without shelling out thousands of dollars on expensive shirts. So next time you decide to wear a flannel shirt untucked, just keep in mind the important points mentioned herein such as length, ideal places to wear it, right style (bottoms) and add-ons (jacket). makes the BEST LOOKING and BEST FITTING designer flannel shirts for the modern man - handcrafted one at a time - without breaking the bank. To learn more about In Vein visit

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