How to Learn to Trust Yourself More?

How to Learn to Trust Yourself More?

Align With Your Purpose In Every Moment.  Life is short. Each day that goes by has 1400 minutes. You are here to make the most of those minutes. Each human life lasts 25000 days on an average, considering a person lives up to 75- 80 years of age. What do we do with those 25000 days?  Many of our lives are without a genuine sense of purpose. Most often this is the case;regardless of education, status, culture, or creed. In all probability we ape what we see our authority figures doing around us. Ordinarily, we work, we play, we entertain, we procreate, we laugh, we talk, and even think without purpose.  That's not to say we need to become automatons, and go around life machine- like;without spontaniety. Yet spontaniety and freedom is often mistaken for going rudderless through life. Each of us must have a direction, we must have a vision. Or else life is merely a roller coaster of imitation.  The Proverbs say "where there is no vision the people shall perish". This is what you want to avoid. How tolearn to trust yourself more? What you need is a vision, a purpose, and a direction; possibly one which flows into every moment of you waking life. You have exclusive dominance over your understanding of the world. You interpret the universe in your own way. Something that excites you may not even cross another's mind, ever. You have a unique viewpoint of life. This uniqueness is the very essence of this beautiful world. And the cosmos needs you to fulfill that very facet of its unfolding.  So when you hold yourself back, you hold your uniqueness back. You deprive the universe from expressing itself. You don't have to do that. Express yourself. Say what you feel. Enlighten the world with what you originally think about something.  Of course we want to stay within civil limits of social behaviour when we express ourselves. saying what you think does not imply imperiousness, or curt & rude behaviour just because you have licence to say something different.  But speak we must. Talk we must. Express we must.  Why Seek Permission Constantly?  As you travel the meandering roads of life, you will have encounters with your dreams often. Some dreams will remain where they were born;in the mind only. And some will see the light of day.  Those dreams that do not become reality remain dormant because you "hid your lamp under a bushel". Yet the interesting fact is that all dreams can manifest into reality, provided you are bold enough to reach out to them. You don't stop and look over your shoulders for approval, for permission, for social nod. When the right opportunity arrives you simply act out of confidence in your self. You work hard and you win.  Always seeking permission from authority, perceived or real, is bound to stop you in your tracks. So let go of those niggling fears and take responsibility squarely for your actions.  Trust Deeply What You Love.  You personally deserve the best that this universe has to offer. But for that you have to look into yourself and decide what it is you truly desire. Every one of us has their own unique pulls and pushes. Tune into yourself.  Ask yourself what you want. It may differ totally from what you have so far thought you want. Probably, and probably not. Yet the start point of your fulfillment is what you want deeply. For that your faith in the inner voice you hear is critical to your fulfillment.  Blessed Is The Impassioned Life  Zest for what you do is tonic for the soul. Passion for any work turns drudgery into art. Any activity that can enthuse you is a blessing in your life. You may have deep interest in wildlife, or cooking, or apps, or rugby, or cloud computing, or astronomy, or river rafting, or, or, or. The list is endless. Yet the point we are making is that enthusiasm for some core activity in your life deeply empowers you. Stick to it. Have faith in your abiding interests. Live life fully.  Mona is a humble blogger who believes in inspiring others to be positive and do good while living a perfectly normal life in this world.

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