How to Dress to Look Thinner

Looking thinner doesn't have to be hard! While you can't instantly slim down by changing your clothes, there are definitely some sartorial strategies that can help give the appearance of a trimmer figure. You just need the right clothes that fit well and make you look your best. Here are some tips for dressing to look thinner:

Wear Fitted Clothing

Clothes that fit well will accentuate your curves and create a sleek, flattering shape. Baggy or oversized pieces will only add bulkiness and volume. Opt for clothing that fits snugly against your body - this will help to give an appearance of being slimmer. Try out some figure-hugging pieces to create a flattering silhouette.

Go Monochrome! 

According to many fashion editors, wearing just one color from top to bottom - is the most favorite trick to give your self a slim and trim appearance. Two colors divide the body in two halves and a lighter color on bottom give you a bottom-heavy look. Any dark color creates a longer, slimmer look. Black is the most slimming color, but any dark color is good to look slimmer.

Note: If you want to wear two colors, then wear the darker one on the bottom and the lighter one on top. 

Monochrome Doesn't Have to Be Dull

A "Monochrome Look" does not have to be dull. Actually, monochromatic dressing with a mixture of textures will give you richness, interest and sophistication. Mix soft wool, suede, cashmere, silk and velvet in the same color. This will create interest without taking away magic "Vertical Line" that makes you look long, lean and slim. 

Use Accessories

Use accessories to draw attention away from problem areas and towards your positive features instead.

Blend Shades Of The Same Color 

Another way to create the long and lean look is to blend various shades of same color. Blend darker and lighter shades of one color. Blend a range of gray colors, from pearl gray to slate, to charcoal, or mix a range of brown colors from stone brown to coffee brown color. But do remember keep lighter colors always on top. 

Mix Colors But Keep It Dark

If you want to mix some colors, do so, but keep it dark! Try to escape light colors. Mix any dark color like mink brown, charcoal gray, deep forest green color, with black. It is important to maintain the flow from head to toe to give you a thinner look. 


Skirts should appear longer than they are wide. Fuller skirts seem better longer; straight skirts seem better shorter. Hemlines look better when they reach to the narrowest part of calf. Avoid wearing long skirts as they can make you look old. If you are a little bottom-heavy, try to avoid pleats as they can give additional pounds to your figure. 


Choose straight long-line, single-breasted jackets. Avoid big bulky pockets, belts, and anything that can draw attention towards midriff. 


Avoid wide-bottom pants, as they will make you look bigger than you are originally. Instead choose well-cut, straight-legged pants, well-tailored, better without pockets, and if you feel better with pockets these should be 'hidden'. 

Perfume & Cologne 

Studies show that when one wears a light floral scent, they appear 5-7 pounds thinner, by those who inhale the scent. If you lean towards heavy spicy scents you will appear to weigh 5-8 pounds more. So go for lighter scent when you are dressing up

Lastly, shop for clothes that fit well and make you feel confident – looking good will naturally make you look thinner too!

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