Best Oral Sex Tips For Women With No Experience

Best Oral Sex Tips For Women With No Experience

Of all the ways to please a man, oral sex is the best. But if you have no experience with oral sex, you will not know what pleases a man and what doesn't. There are certain things you can do to give him an experience that he will never ever forget. Check out the tips below.

Imitate What He Does When He Masturbates

The best way to stroke his penis is to imitate what he does when he masturbates. Watch him when he does it and you can learn a lot. Don't confine yourself to what you see however, the penis can be excited in a number of ways. 

Stimuate the Root of the Penis With Your Tongue

The root of the penis is a very sensitive part for a man. You can try stimulating that with your tongue. The best part of this is that your hands are free to please any other part of his body at the same time.

The Secret Spot That Gets Every Man

Another wonderful place that will drive him wild is the area between the testicles and the anus. Caress him there. You can put a finger in and just keep it there. Just make sure that the area is thoroughly washed before you undertake any anal activity. You should also have lubricated fingers.

Work His Testicles

Another pleasure hotspot to try is the testicles. Start off by cupping them and follow it up by squeezing on them gently. You should vary the pleasure according to what he likes best.

Use Your Tongue

Use your tongue to give him all the pleasure he wants. You can even add some chocolate sauce on to his penis and lick it up. Just ensure that it is sticky and wet.

Fruit Play

Try putting some fruit into your mouth before going down on him. It will drive him wild! 

A Word of Caution

Don't push anything up his urinary passage. Even though he may want you to in the heat of the moment, it can seriously damage his penis by creating an embolism 

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