Be Mine Sweetie

Be Mine Sweetie

Singers Seta & Doremi has come up with a new album – Be Mine Sweetie. It has already been published on 23rd May 2021 and found a great response among YouTubers. Millions of people have already heard this song and everyone is full of praise.

Singer Introduction

The song has been beautifully sung by none other than Seta of the Unites States and Doremi of the United Kingdom. Both tuned very well and superbly complemented each other. Seta has a beautiful voice and people are in love with Seta’s voice.

On the other hand, Doremi has specific fan followers and they know how good Doremi is at singing any type of song. Both individually have sung a good number of songs of various genres, but this duet is one of the best by them.

Awesome Seta

Seta stays in the United States and is a reputed name in the music industry. He has recorded the vocal for popular artists like D-Train, Kool. The Gang, Stephanie Mills, etc. Everyone is full of praise and this has made him famous in this circle. He has also performed along with reputed artists like Paul Anka, Neil Sadaka, Diana Ross, Luther Vandross, etc.

This has given a lot of fame to Seta. He has also written songs for Keith Sweat, The Gang, and Kool. Being a creative person, Seta loves to give his best whatever is being given to him.

Even clients also like the way Seta composes and sings a song. He used to put his heart and soul into any song and is committed to what he has promised.

People have great experience working with Seta and this talented singer has won the hearts of many. Work quality is awesome and he quickly understands what is required from him.

Superb Doremi

Doremi is one of the best upcoming artists in the music industry. Her tonal quality is great and she is a singer as well as a songwriter. She is promising and has all the qualities to become a famous singer of all time.

She records vocals, an entire song, ad-libs, and backing vocal pieces also with perfection. Her voice is extraordinary and in a limited time, she has won the hearts of millions of fans.

The biggest asset of Doremi is she can sing any type of song of any genre. Her preference is Pop, Indie, Alternative, and R&B but she is ready for whatever you will give her to sing.

Her fans, as well as clients, are really happy wot work out with her. Given specifications, she has written a few songs that surprised everyone. She keeps her promises and commitment comes at the top of everything for her. Her vocal quality can fit in any type of song.

Even she is ready for any adjustment needed after recording and she gracefully does the same without any grievance. Her communication is excellent and her work quality is awesome. You can find Doremi in almost every social media platforms like SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify & Youtube

About Songwriter & Lyricist Doremi

Everyone knows Doremi as one of the finest singers. However, Doremi is equally good at writing songs. Be Mine Sweetie bears that evidence. The lyrics are so good that you can’t leave midway. Particularly the lines like “Will you hold my hand like we did back then?” gives a feeling that cannot be expressed in words.

Probably, this is Doremi’s one of the primary creations where everything has been given while writing the song and equally while singing.

When a singer is also a songwriter, then the chemistry becomes strong, and people can expect the best quality. The same thing happened in this case. Lyricist Doremi has made history by penning such a romantic song. Every line holds importance and you will love the song without any second thought. This

Support Staff

When you have Eli Baumgarten in piano, then the music is bound to hit a new level. One of the best piano players in the United States, Eli is a very familiar name. The fingers on the piano created some magical moments and overall lifted the quality of this music to a new level. Truly, without Eli, you can never imagine Be Mine Sweetie.

Brian Ka is also from the United States and he is the producer of this song. No need to introduce him as he has already done some masterworks and this is not an exception. Brian, as a producer, has given his full effort to make this song one of the best ones. It has all the qualities to hit the chartbusters and who knows, might be on the top ten very soon.

Quality Product from In Vein

You can enjoy the beautiful song of Seta & Doremi everywhere. The music is too good and they sang equally well. You will love it and do share the same in your circle also for promoting this song. Millions of people like to hear the voice of Seta and Doremi.

They also did their best in giving whatever they had. Both Seta & Doremi possess unique tonal quality as well as unique singing styles. People are in love with them, and you can experience hearing a great song.

Seta is already established in this music industry. People are aware of his songwriting and singing quality. He has a great fan base and he loves to communicate with people in his style.

He has already worked with several leading music personalities all over the world. He has utilized all his earlier experiences in preparing this single. Doremi is the rising star of the industry.

She has a nice voice, and her singing style is liked by her fans. You can expect some stunning compositions from her. She sings so easily even the hardest of the songs, which proves her ability and quality to be a super singer in some days. Spend your time and hear both Seta & Doremi singing one of the best pieces of their life.

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