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Rastafarian Hat Showcases the Jamaican Beauty and Rasta Culture

Rastafarian hat also known as Rasta hat and Jamaican hat are tall, round, colorful, crocheted caps used for adorning dreadlocks. Brief History of Rastafarianism The word Rastafarians originate from Ras (Prince) Tafari. It was the title of Haile Selassie of Ethiopia before he was the emperor. Many regard him as the second incarnation of Jesus as Jah incarnate and others think of him as a prophet. They have unique beliefs, food habits, and fashion styles. The Rastafarians have dreadlocks in their hairs. For this, Rastafarian beanies are much popular with them. These fashionable caps follow the Rasta tradition of colors. Rastafarians at a Glance About 700,000 to 1,000,000 Rasta believers exist across the world. While their largest population is based...

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