How to Remove Wrinkles Without Ironing

There is no doubt that T-shirts are an all-time favorite attire for men, both young and old. One of the benefits of modern t-shirts is their versatility. They come in a variety of styles, from formal to casual wear, which makes them perfect for any occasion. So whether you have to attend a business meeting, anniversary celebration or a musical concert, you'll find one for every occasion. 

Moreover, every person who wears a t-shirt knows the importance of ironing them. Nothing gives the t-shirt a neat and attractive look better than ironing. Think of a world without ironing, well the things that come to mind are people strolling around in rumpled clothes. You certainly wouldn't want that to become a reality. 

However, ironing a t-shirt properly is not a "two-minute task" that you can do hastily. It involves paying close attention, because you don't want to end up wreaking your precious designer shirt. No, not at all! 

The question that arises is: what can I possibly do to remove wrinkles from my shirt without ironing it? The answer is not as difficult as you imagine it to be. There are several tactics you can employ to remove wrinkles off your t-shirts, some of which are effective, some not that much. 

So to save your time and energy, here are some of the most effective ways of ensuring a wrinkle-free t-shirt without ironing: 

Flat Iron 

If you don't like the traditional way of ironing a shirt, you may interested in the "flat ironing method". With the help of a flat iron you can take off creases from your shirts in no time. This is the same iron used for hair straightening. Surprisingly, this method is better than conventional ironing in terms of safety due to its small and double-sided (front and back) surface. Just remember to clean it thoroughly prior to using it (for ironing) so that doesn't leave any stain on your dress shirts. Precaution in this regard is highly important. 

Wrinkle-Removing Sprays 

This is probably one of the most convenient ways for people who wish to remove wrinkles from their dress shirts without going through the hassle of ironing them. There are a number of wrinkle-removing sprays available in the market such as Downy Wrinkle Releaser, Crease Release, etc, that too at a relatively low price (roughly $8 to $10). All you have to do is just spray it on your dress shirts and gently smooth them. You'll then see the wrinkles miraculously disappear. 

Moreover, this tactic tends to work best with cotton-blend dress shirts (which happen to the most common ones). But when using it on different fabrics such as silk, it's always better to first test in on a smaller area, just as a precautionary measure. 

Blow Dry Your T-Shirt 

Almost everyone uses a blow dryer. However, its utilization is primarily for the purpose of drying hair. However, you can use it as a simple, yet effective way of removing wrinkles from your dress shirts. Here's how to do so:     

Take your shirt and wet the sprinkled areas slightly.    

Thereafter, blow-dry the wet patch on low to moderate heat.

Just make sure you maintain adequate space between the shirt and blow dryer (a couple of inches), so that the fabric is not subjected to overheat. 

Pretty simple, isn't it? 

Water Spray 

If you happen to one of those few people who don't use a blow dryer, or perhaps if it's inoperative (due to a technical fault), fret not! You can still remove wrinkles off your dress shirt in the exact same fashion, with the only exception being that you won't use a blow dryer for this one. Spray water on all the wrinkled areas of the dress shirt and then place it on a hanger to dry. Once the shirt is completely dry, you won't find any wrinkles on it. However, the downside of this method (in comparison to the previous ones) is that the shirt takes a bit longer to get wrinkle-free. That being said, if time is not an issue, then this is probably the best method to opt for. 

Tumble Dry Your Dress Shirt 

Another good way of removing wrinkles from your shirts is by tumble drying them. You'll start off by spraying water (slightly) all over the dress shirt. Subsequently, put it the dryer and set the temperature on low for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Alternatively, you may also choose to put a wet sock in the dryer, as opposed to spraying the shirt (whatever you deem most convenient). After the time runs out, take out the shirt and hang it right away. 

So you have it, some of the most effective and innovative of ways of achieving an "ironed-shirt appearance", without actually ironing it. These tactics can be employed by everyone who wears dress shirts. There are certain situations (such as attending an official meeting, wedding, etc) in which the necessity of conventional ironing is paramount. So, the key is to first check the significance of the moment and then go about choosing an ironing method, or rather whether you need to iron the shirt or not. makes the BEST LOOKING and BEST FITTING designer t-shirts for the modern man and woman - hand printed one at a time - without breaking the bank. To learn more about In Vein visit  Visit to see the full collection of designer t-shirts for men and women 

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