How to Increase Your Positive Vibes

How to Increase Your Positive Vibes

So many studies have shown that positivity is the key to a healthy and happy life. But do you really know how to increase your positive vibes? It's a process, indeed, but you'll be amazed when you do, that each little positive trait you adapt will improve your life so much...

Here are some Methods to increase your positive vibes: 

Get centered. Take a few moments to meditate, deep breathe or to reflect on your life. Try keeping a gratitude journal and write a few lines in it each morning. 

Smile: Just think that something that brings you joy, can be passed along with a smile to someone else. And a smile can really brighten someone's day. Wake up with a smile, and it may be your day that gets better. Try it regardless of how tired you are, no matter how little sleep you got, no matter how much you're dreading some aspect of your day.

Think of something that makes you happy: This will make you tohave a reason to put a smile on your face. Again, what brings you joy could become contagious! 

Think of your personal goal or intention: Come up with an image or phrase that reminds you of it and tape it to the ceiling or place it beside your bed; here every morning, your first act is looking at it and feeling it. 

Pass along a positive thought to someone else: Send someone you know a prayer or other positive thought. 

Give thanks for what you have: experience gratitude. Instead of allowing your mind to focus on all you have to get done, why not guide your mind to express gratitude for all the wonderful things that you have. 

Watch a funny movie: Don't watch scary or sci-fi movies. Instead, watch a movie about laughter and positivity in life. This will better your mood and increase positivity.

By following the previously mentioned tips you are sure to have a life full of positive vibes. To read more of positive vibe tips and advice visit In Vein.

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