First Time Anal Sex Guide For Sluts

First Time Anal Sex Guide For Sluts

If you are a beginner to having anal sex, it may be very intimidating at first. But don't worry because this article will straighten out many misconceptions about anal sex and help you overcome fears surrounding it. There is no one right way to having anal sex and learning about some basic concepts and techniques will definitely help you lessen pain so you can learn to enjoy it.

Since there is not one correct way to having anal sex, it is usually perfected by trial and error. If you are having anal sex for the first time, you won't even know if it's supposed to feel the way you are experiencing. But after doing it several times, you will start to learn the feeling and know whether it is something you want to continue doing in the future. Many first timers may complain that anal sex is not pleasurable. But after trying several times, some start to enjoy the feeling and include it in their sex routine. We recommend that you take some time to explore it until deciding to stop. Our guidance will definitely help you ease your way into it. 

It is vital that you are engaging anal sex with someone you feel comfortable with. You will have to adjust with your partner during anal sex until finding that sweet spot that will make you feel good.

Why Anal Sex Can Give You Intense Orgasms

Many people don't realize that anal sex can give you orgasms that can be way more intense than vaginal intercourse. It will just take some time to find out the sweet spot that will give you pleasure.

Women's clitoris extends through both sides of the vagina lips and goes all the way out to the perineum. Perineum is the spot that is located right between the anus and vagina for women. During anal sex, this area as well as the G-spot can be stimulated, which can give you an intense feelings of an orgasm. 

First time trying anal sex can be painful because your anus has to stretch so much and it's not used to being stretched like that. If you decide to do it, make sure you are totally relaxed. Remind your partner that you would like to take it really slow because it is your first time. This will help you get used to the feeling. Don't try to stretch the anus so much the first time. Take it as a gradual step process and take it slow. Before you know it, you will enjoy the feeling without so much pain.

Slow and Steady Wins

We want to stress this again and again but if you are going to try anal sex for the first time, make sure to go really slow. Work it up until you feel confident in your abilities to do it without pain. If you are a woman trying anal sex with a man for the first time, always remember that communication is key. While you may be suffering from pain, your partner may actually enjoy it so you must make sure to remind him to go really slow and listen to you if you need him to stop or go even slower. Sex is best when both partners are having a good experience. In order to achieve this goal, you must always be in communication with your partner. So tell him to go slow and steady. There is no rush.

Lube It Up to Avoid Pain

When you are trying anal sex, it may cause some painful damage to your anals, especially when it's dry. If you are about to have anal sex, you should have a lubricant handy. It is known that anal tissues are thinner than vaginal tissues and does not self lubricate. This means it is more prone to ripping from dryness and friction.  There are many kinds of lubricants you can buy and it will make anal sex much smoother. Some lubes are thicker than the other. You should try several brands to see what you prefer. We recommend you to use a towel to catch any lubricants because some will stain your clothes or bed sheets.

Anal Sex is Not As Dirty As You Think

There is a misconception that anal sex could bring out fecal excrement and make a mess. The truth is that excrement is usually stored in the upper level of the rectum, close to your large intestines so chances of it blowing up are very rare. If you are a woman about to have anal sex for the first time, we recommend going to the restroom and letting everything out just to get your mind at ease and to clear out anything that could accidentally come out if that is what you are worried about. This ensures your mental as well as physical to avoid any accidents. If you have ever done enema, you can do it before having anal sex to clean everything out. Although a rare event, if you are truly worried about it, lay a towel or do it on areas where you don't mind getting it dirty. Remember, it's all part of the fun.

Warm Up Your Anus with Fingers

Warming up your anus with fingers will lessen the pain as opposed to sticking in a penis or sex toy on your first try. You should use some lube to wet your finger and gently insert it to see how it feels.

Don't hold your breath but instead relax as much as you can. This will loosen up the anus and you will get to feel what it's like to have something in it. Make sure you don't rush the process but rather go really gently and slow. This process will help tremendously if you have never had anal sex. It will loosen you up and let you know what you should expect. If your partner is doing it for you, make sure he or she understands that this is your first try and that you want to take it really slow. This will avoid any pains associated with it and slowly get you in the mode. 

Best time to try this would be when you are alone or masturbating. This will make you get used to the feeling without anyone bothering you or rushing your speed. Avoid going overboard to avoid any injuries and if you are experimenting with a toy, make sure it does not stretch your anus too much on your first try. Pain may come later so be patient and work on enjoying the feeling first.

Listen to Your Body Carefully

Anal sex should be enjoyable not painful. If you are feeling pain, stop and give yourself some time. Your body should be warmed up prior to having anal sex so make sure you are aroused and horny. Unless your body is totally warmed up, you might feel more pain than pleasure. Because pain is a signal that your body gives out when something is not right, you must listen to your body and stop when feeling pain. Massaging the anus yourself or having your partner do it for you is a great idea to warm up. When you feel ready to insert something, take that as a sign that your body is ready.



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