How to Deal with Pain While Getting Inked

For those who are interested in getting their own tattoo, here are a few pointers to consider so you can lessen and deal with pain.

Geting Ready

Prior to getting tattooed, do not drink or take any drugs. Be strong-minded that you can bear the pain and mentally ready yourself to accept a few hours of discomfort.

Don't Try to Finish in One Sitting if You Can't Bear the Pain

When you feel you cannot bear it anymore, just inform, take a break and arrange a second sitting in a few days time. Remember, tattoos don't need to be completed in one sitting!  If you are sitting for a long session lasting several hours, relax yourself by listening to calm music or imagining a beautiful scenery or reading your favorite book.

Focus on Your Breathing Or Count

Some other great tips for first timers to know to keep their mind off of the pain of the tattoo is simply concentrate on your breathing or simply count. Another great distraction is to simply strike up a conversation with your tattoo artist. Also it never hurts to bring a friend along to talk to or hold their hand. Just remember that the pain your are enduring is completely worth it.

Diversion tactics help since you will concentrate less on pain. So try focusing on something else.

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