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Stoner aesthetic outfits and weed theme shirts are edgy. According to different surveys, it's proven that stoner t-shirts are one of the most worn types of clothing in the United States among teenagers (especially for young adults). Not only that, stoner t-shirts are one of the most aesthetically pleasing  and informal types of clothing that you can practically wear anywhere.


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What is Considered Stoner Aesthetic Clothing?

Rastafarianism is a religion that is generally followed in Jamaica. In the Rastafarian faith, there is a strict standard of dress code for the followers of this religion.

 First, a Rastafarian dress should be made up of naturally occurring material. You should not use any leather or any clothing material where you need to kill or harm any living creature.Moreover, you cannot wear any dress made up of synthetic material such as PU leather, polycarbonate, and mixed synthetic material. Secondly, they wear clothes themed in a specific color palette; green, yellow, and red (black and white are optional). Apart from the color palette, Rastafarians don’t wear any dress in which other colors are printed and exposed more. Lastly,  Rastafarians usually wear loose-fitting clothes.

Weed Themed Clothes Buying Guide

Now, you've read the basic history of Rastafarianism, the question that appears now is how you can find an ideal weed t-shirt according to your needs? That's why, for your ease, below we've written a brief buying guide on how you can purchase and select the ideal stoner aesthetic clothes for your needs:


The first thing you need to check is the design and fitting of the t-shirt you're going to buy. Depending on your choice and needs, you may need a full sleeve, half-sleeve, off-shoulder, and semi-half shoulder t-shirt. Usually, we recommend you to go with a full-sleeve. Because you can wear them anywhere and they look pretty decent. But, depending on your choice, you must consider where you'll wear your t-shirt and why you need it!

Don't Follow Generic Size Graph.

Most of the shirt manufacturers follow the same generic S, M, L, and XL sizes. That's why before purchasing that shirt, make sure to ask for the accurate dimensions of the t-shirt from the seller. Because, depending on where the seller resides, the generic size dimensions may vary.

Best Weed Themed T-Shirts

For your ease, we've hand-picked and reviewed best stoner clothing for you. Note that all the shirts we're reviewed are unbiased, and if we're favoring them, it is because they deserve it! So let's get into our review:

Colortone Youth & Adult Rasta T-Shirt


Here comes the first rasta t-shirt of our review. The t-shirt is offered by Colortone, which is highly popular for making premium and high-quality clothing apparel. The t-shirt comes in all sizes ranging from 12 years of toddlers to adults extra-large size. It fits in most physiques such as skinny, average, gym body and perfect for fat shapes. Moreover, the t-shirt is made from 100% cotton. We all know that cotton is a naturally occurring clothing material. Therefore, with its 100% mixture, the t-shirt is perfect for Rastafarian followers.

If we talk about its comfortability, no other shirt can be more comfortable than this Colotone's t-shirt. Instead, we'll give this t-shirt 10 out of 10 in terms of comfortability and material. When it comes to the design of this rasta t-shirt, it's pretty awesome. On a personal note, Colortone has designed this shirt to look fantastic and fashionable while keeping the Rastafarian theme. Overall, if you're on a high budget, this Rastafarian t-shirt might be a better option for you!


ShirtBANC Original Mens Rasta T-Shirt


ShirtBANC is already very popular for making awesome and trendy t-shirts for men and women. They have followed the same formula in their t-shirts as well. With 100% cotton material and lightweight fabric, this t-shirt is perfect for Rastafarian people as well as for your casual wear. First of all, the best thing that we like about this t-shirt is its design aesthetics. According to our research on Amazon, it's one of the few t-shirts that offers stunning design with great comfortability. The white color lion wearing sunglasses (in rasta theme) on the black background takes the design aesthetic of this shirt to the next level.

Moreover, besides the design and color of the shirt, you'll also get premium quality material and durable material. Manufacturers have used organic and high-quality washing machine-resistant printing, which will increase the print life by up to 3x. To sum, this t-shirt is specifically made for those people who are looking for premium quality rasta shirts with trending and cool designs.


Magic River Handcrafted Rasta T-shirt


All the t-shirts of Magic River are one of the best-selling shirts on Amazon and earn Amazon's Choice badge. It's all possible due to the quality and price that magic river offers; no other brand can compete with them! The design aesthetics, build quality, color, and printing material are top-class in this t-shirt. However, we would like to mention here that the manufacturer is only offering medium size for this t-shirt. It may not be suitable if you're skinny or have a fat body physique, this shirt might not be for you.

However, if we talk about other things about this shirt, such as quality, you'll be amazed that this t-shirt is 100% handcrafted. We have found very few garments, mainly T-shirts, that are human-made. But believe us, handicraft garments have a special place, and when worn, they give you a unique and premium quality feel. However, one thing that we like to mention about this t-shirt is its design theme. The shirt is fully colored in red, yellow, and green only. This design theme makes it extra glittery. But, it depends on your choice if you like this literalness or not!


Bob Marley Oil Rasta Shirt


In the game of t-shirts, you tend to get what you pay for. However, we know in 16$, you're only getting a simple sleeveless vest style t-shirt. But, to be honest, we know it's a bit expensive, but still, it's worth buying a shirt, especially if you're a Rastafarian. First of all, the t-shirt isn't a regular, randomly printed shirt. Instead, this shirt is an officially licensed merchandise of  Bravado Bob. A famous Jamaican singer is known for making stunning hip-hop albums. That's why on the front of the shirt, you'll notice the signature picture of Bravado Bob printed in a theme of Rastafarian colors.

Besides its design color, the shirt is made up of 100% natural cotton. Being manufactured by cotton, so a Rastafarian follow can quickly wear it

Moreover, if you notice the stitching of the shirt, it offers double swing stitching that makes its seam durable and looks premium look-wise. Although it only comes in two sizes, "S '' and "M '', it can easily fit in a mid-fat body physique due to its design and nature. Overall, we'll recommend this product if you are looking for a sleeveless, high-quality, and premium look design.


Awkward Styles Women's Rasta Off Shoulder Top


Believe us, and if you want a stylish, hot, and trending shirt in Rastafarian theme, this shirt is specifically made for you. Unbelievable, this top is one of the few rasta theme t-shirts that offer fantastic and hot aesthetics. The sweater is off-shoulder from one side and the entire shoulder from the other. This design concept will make you look hot and more awesome. If we talk about its design, there are lips printed on the shirt.

According to the manufacturer, they've used 100% organic color, and there's no synthetic material used in ink for printing.Moreover, the shirt is made up of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The spandex material makes this shirt extremely flexible, and cotton fabric is perfect to be worn in the summer season. The t-shirt comes in five different sizes, so it's ideal for almost all ages.

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