8 Tips To Make Your Printed T Shirts Last Longer

To make your printed t shirts last longer, wash it inside out and on a cold setting; this will help keep the color and print from fading. Secondly, avoid tumble drying as this can cause the fabric to shrink and stretch. Instead, hang it up to dry or use a low heat setting if you have to use the dryer. And finally, don't iron over any prints or logos as this can also lead to them fading over time. Here are 8 more ways to make your expensive printed t shirts last longer.

1. Machine-wash your t-shirt inside out in cold water to preserve the color and minimize fading.

2. Use a mild detergent without any fabric softener, which can cause static cling and make your shirt less comfortable to wear.

3. Air dry your t-shirt - Hang your T-shirt to air dry rather than putting it in the dryer, since heat can shrink or damage the fabric over time. The high heat from a dryer can cause the fibers of fabric to become significantly weaker, which results in a shorter lifespan for t-shirts.

4. Separate the colors of your t-shirt - Some people make the mistake of washing a light blue shirt with dark red pants (a sure recipe for disaster). This is why it is best to wash t-shirts by separating colors in order to ensure that the color does not transfer onto other clothes.

5. Wash them Sparingly - Washing shirts frequently can reduce their lifespan considerably (the last thing you would probably want). So if you really want you shirts to last as long as possible, wash them sparingly. For instance, instead of washing them after every wear, do it after every three to four wears. This ensures that the fabric stays intact.

6. Avoid Folding It - There are some clothes that are supposed to be hung, while some are better folded. However, for t-shirts, the first option (hanging) is advised, solely because they are prone to wrinkles. That is why, it best to keep them on the hanger. This makes it easier to iron them as well.

7. Check the Label - No one knows t-shirts better than the one who made it. That is why it's highly important to check the instructions given on the shirt's label, with regards to washing. Those points can be quite helpful in ensuring the longevity of the shirt. For example, if the label says "do not tumble dry", then you know exactly what is detrimental to your shirt. So always read the label!

8. Wear Your Shirts Only When Needed - The lesser you wear your shirt, the little will be the need for washing it. Now this doesn't mean that you wear it only once in two weeks. No, not at all! It simply means that you don't wear it unnecessarily. For example, after returning from hanging out with friends, instead of ambling around, remove your shirt immediately.

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